Sneaking into places: the movie theaters

The number one rule in sneaking into places is to act like you’re the VIP; that you deserve to be there; that you’ve paid good money for the ticket and should be treated royally. I’m
not going to say if I have done it but I will say that if the people were watching the doors were so smart, why are they watching doors?

1. Movie theaters. There are some tricks on how to sneak into movie theaters. Some are old but some are new. No, I didn’t come up with these tricks. I learned through people whose description rhymes with lady and goes after Slim.

a. Buy one ticket and go in and open the side door trick. I know. Not too bold or slick. But it works. Just make sure your friends don’t giggle or act like they’ve committed a crime walking in.

b. Buy one ticket and tear it off yourself. Put the piece that the theaters suppose to keep and show the usher your ticket. Talk to him for 5 seconds so that he remembers you. Like “where’s the restroom?” Or “you think that movie is any good?” Make sure to read his name tag and says, “thanks John, or whatever his name is.” Then go in for about 3-5 minutes and on your way out ask him if you can go in again after walking out [no duh you can walk in again; you’re just trying to get him to remember your face]. Now give your ticket to your date or whoever you’re with. Take the piece the theaters supposed to keep with you and walk in. No, he won’t look at your ticket. Just act like you got the real stub. Yes, your date will think you’re the shiet. Yes, you have a good chance of getting lucky.

c. Buy 3 tickets for your group of friends. Three people go in first. Then one person takes the other two people’s stubs out. Get two more people in and repeat until everyone is in. Yes, it would be smart to change the person that has to take the tickets out every time. Once everyone is in, have someone (a girl is better since everyone is nice to a girl) go to the ticket booths and return two ticket stubs for money because you and your partner no longer want to watch the movie. Then you use the leftover one to get in. If you want to be bold, use the trick from #2 and combine with this one and everyone gets in free. But that’s bold with a capital B. Are you up for it?

Next time will be tips on how to get into basketball/football/baseball games.


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